Environmental Monitoring are a specialist provider of environmental monitoring equipment for hire  sale or service.

Environmental Monitoring has particular strength as a technical specialist, offering advice and consultancy in monitoring techniques and applications. We advise on equipment selection and offer a wide range of solutions that not only comply with current standards but that are cost effective   

Environmental Monitoring has a history within measurinng emissions which goes back over fifteen years.From Isokinetic sampling to Landfill and water monitoring, covering all types of dust,pm10, air quality and gas emission monitoring:

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-Environmental Monitoring specializes in  rental and sales covering :

  • Stack emissions
  • Air quality monitoring(ambient dust and gas) 
  • Indoor air quality(iaq)
  • Noise monitoring
  • Landfill Monitoring
  • Hydrocarbon (VOC) monitoring
  • Clean room analysers

 Stack Emissions :

This is generally divided up in to the monitoring of particulate( dust)  by isokinetic sampling techniques and to the monitoring of variuos gaseous substances via the the main sampling system or "sample delivery system"( sometimes refered to as the sample conditioning system)

At Environmetal monitoring we aim to offer the best solution this often achieved using different manufacturer systems.

Particulate monitoring by isokienetic methods to BSEN 13284-1 is achieved using a mixture of Millennium method five systems and our own stackmite systems.

Both systems come with an instack capabiltiy using an unheated probes and 47 mm filter holder or other in stack filter 25mm or 37mm filter holder.

At Environmental Monitoring we hold stocks of stainless steel swan necked ( goose necked ) isokinetic nozzles. We aslo supply heated and unheated sample probes, oven boxes, umbilicals,

pitot tubes and velocity measuring devices, finally the control console the III edition stackmite 

and the Millennium control console

low Flow Sampler

Environmental Monitoring is proud to announce a new inexpensive solution to the low flow sampling problems. This involves a new type of gas meter. it is easy to calibrate and simple to use call 01539 727878 to find out more or email environmonitoring@btconnect.com

Replacement parts and servicing of Isokinetic Consoles   

As many of you probably know that quite a lot of the parts for Apex products and other instruments are supplied by Millennium instruments. EM have vast amounts of knowledge in building, repairing and testing all types of isokinetic consoles including

Millennium, CAE( clean air engineering), APEX, iso 9096, Andersson and westech units


Gas conditioners

EM supplies the M&C instruments range of gas conditioners and heated gas probes and filters

The M&C range of products is very reliable and robust more over it is highly servicable - which significantly reduces your service costs

There are a number of simple models designed for installation and hazardous environments

Equally there are two basic models designed for mobile test teams and consultancy owork

The design advantage is blocked pipes , failed components can all be user replaced - their is no black box expense at work here

Heated Lines

Environmental Monitoring supplies its own brand of heated lines. Highly flexible and rugged but with excellent heat density charachteristics.

The lines are supplied in a number of options - fixed sample line or removabale line, with acalibration line option for probe time calibrations.

Environmental Monitoring supply the lines with a number of different out coatings including a corrugated polyamide or a flexible tough braided nylon weave

 These lines are also supplied with the option of our in house single or multiple heater control systems

Call 01539 727878 for details or email environmonitoring@btconnect.com